CenturyLink Needs Help

You would think that a communications company like CenturyLink would know how to communicate. Apparently, this is not the case.

An email arrived to an organization: “Subscription Renewal Notice – 5 days”. This subscription was for “Core Service Pack – Microsoft Office 365 from CenturyLink”.

My understanding from previous phone calls was that this subscription was free. However, the email notice contained this language: “Please do not send any credit card information to us via email”.

Wanting to get more details about this notice and whether there was a charge, I called the number in the notice:

Phone: +1 877 7203429

Here’s what I heard from 1 877 7203429:

Thank you for calling CenturyLink Business Applications.
For sales or to add a new CenturyLink business application, press 1
For billing and account inquiries, press 2
For technical support, press 3

Two times I pressed 2 for billing and account inquiries.

The first time I was told I had reached the wrong department. The representative acknowledged a problem with call routing.

The second time I was told I needed to be transferred to billing. What? I had pressed 2 for billing. Then the representative said I had reached general business sales, not apps billing.

On a 3rd call I was told the fee for the subscription was $19.95 per month. On a 4th call I was told there was no charge. And the representative, upon request, sent an email to put in writing that there was no charge.

CenturyLink needs help routing calls to the right place and needs help to get employees to be consistent in understanding its services and billing.