Being a customer is sometimes beyond frustration and beyond comprehension, when dealing with organizations with whom you support with your dollars.

I have, through many years, also provided customer service through different venues:

— Manager and developer of the first state-wide birth defects reporting system in the US in cooperation with CDC. 100% voluntary participation from hospitals.

— Research analyst for a state criminal justice commission. Created statistical publication used by criminal justice planners. One printing not enough.

— Freelance writer for regional and national magazines for 20 years. Never misspelled anyone’s name!

— Technology consultant to law offices (private and government) to streamline document production.  In one law firm I reduced the time to produce the first draft of a will from 120 minutes to 15 minutes and reduced expense by eliminating the need for the word processing department to do the draft. For CD Law, bought later by LexisNexis, I sped up document production by a factor of 20 to 100 times. For WA State Office of Administrative Hearings, helped create a system for Administrative Law Judges to create their final decisions faster.

— Database design, programming, and consulting.

— IT Manager for a national professional association for 14 years.

— A variety of self-employed technology and editorial consulting.

— Amateur radio operator involved in emergency communications, including fatal accidents.

I’ve been on both sides. This blog serves as a place for me to vent and perhaps some large corporations will wake up to what good customer service really is.

— Bruce Miller

P.S. If you have a business and are concerned about customer service, get in touch. I provide assessments and consultations.  Bruce @ BruceMiller.net