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Washington State Good to Go is Goofy

Good to Go mislabeled download option.
Good to Go mislabeled download option.

Wasington State’s Good to Go website has an option to download account history. One of the options is Excel.

However the download is not in Excel format. Rather, the downloaded file is a tab-delimited file. This explains much of the confusion with my IT customers who were struggling with opening up the downloaded file that had the xls extension.

Fortunately, the State responded to the problem. The plan is to make the download csv (comma separated values) and rename the download link as CSV.

This kind of oversight should not have happened in the first place if adequate design review was in place before going live. Nevertheless, the State did respond and is going to have the change put in place.

UPDATE 2017-06-23: The problem has not been fixed after nearly a month. Typical bureaucrats: Cheap talk, no action. Being that this is a fairly serious error that leads to a lot of user confusion and frustration, it should have been a priority to get fixed ASAP.