Direct Connect on King County Metro bus service to Seattle tent city

On October 16, 2018, I took a King County Metro bus from North Seattle to downtown Seattle so I could get on an Amtrak train to Portland. The last stop on the route is the stop I needed.

When the driver opened the  bus doors (there are three on the bus), I hesitated a moment before stepping out. Immediately in front of me, nearly one step away from the bus itself, was a tent. This tent was one of many. There were enough tents at this bus stop that all doors of the bus would open to a tent.

The closest tent in the picture — on the other side of the pole — was immediately outside my door. The curb behind the pole, giving an idea how close the bus doors were to the tents.

While I appreciate the difficulty that some people have with lodging, I also appreciate an ability to disembark from a bus with no obstacles immediately in front of me. The City of Seattle and King County (which runs the bus service and has some jurisdiction over bus stops in Seattle) are apparently looking the other way.  King County Metro offices are just three blocks away, so that gives you some idea  of the disinterest to providing a safe place for riders to disembark.