Corporate Time Wasters

Big corporations certainly seem to know how to waste people’s time. The latest is from Paypal.

The message “Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Please try again” appears when entering the email address for password recovery. This message would lead one to believe what it says. So, day after day the customer tries again and again.

The real problem is that the account is locked because of a minor issue. Rather than have a message that actually corresponds with reality, Paypal instead decides to mislead users with this bogus message about there being a problem on their end.

Here’s one more way Paypal confuses people. An email arrived to a user that included this statement:

“A direct debit you requested on or after June 19 from your U.S. bank account was rejected by the bank. A new compliance regulation requires that a physical address be available on all accounts.”

Upon reading this message one would reasonably conclude that “all accounts” refers to the bank accounts. No, according to Paypal staff “all accounts” refer to Paypal accounts. Bad writing.