Sam’s Club Cash Back Check Nearly Impossible to Cash

Sam’s Club cash back check nearly impossible to cash

Sam’s Club issues cash back checks for using the Sam’s Club credit card. Problem now, though, is that many residents are no longer able to get their cash back — unless they want to travel many hundreds of miles to a Sam’s Club.

People in the Seattle area have received cash back checks. The example here shows a date of February 9, 2018. This is a date AFTER all Sam’s Clubs in Washington state were shut down. This makes it rather inconvenient — and impossible for some — to cash, considering that the language clearly states “Your Cash Back Check can be redeemed ONLY at a U.S. or Puerto Rico Sam’s Club locations [sic].” The fact that the letter and check are issued after closing — which Sam’s Club obviously knew about in advance — and says nothing about how to redeem when there are no longer any Sam’s Clubs even remotely nearby, indicates a true customer non-service attitude. Alex Aguila should be ashamed of himself.

What a great way for Sam’s Club to issue a check and keep the money.

Comment from Sam’s Club has be requested. Any update will be posted here.

Reply #1, received 2018-02-20:

If a Member is unable to cash their Sam’s Club Credit Cash Back check due to not having a nearby club, the Member should call Synchrony Bank using the number on the back of their credit card or at 866-220-0254 to inquire about receiving one of the below forms of payout. (Agents cannot complete this action for Members.)

  • The rewards check can be applied to the account as a statement credit
  • If the account has a balance, the Rewards statement credit will be applied to the balance
  • If the account does not have a balance, Synchrony will mail a check to the Member

Sam’s Club Member Services
Bentonville, Arkansas

Reply #2, received 2018-02-20:

Last week, members who no longer have a club close to them received a note asking them to call the call center to make those funds available to them. [Wonder why this wasn’t mentioned in the letter with the check? No evidence of a follow-up note with with my sources. — BWM] They can choose to either receive a check, which can be cashed anywhere, or have the credit applied to their current credit card balance. Members with further questions about their Sam’s Club Mastercard Cash Back check or account should call the number on the back of their card for additional assistance.