Done Right!

Customer Service Done Right from Brita!

Wow! I was dumbfounded. Really. Many months ago — 9-12 months ago — I complained to Brita about one of their slim water pitchers. The lid kept falling off. They sent me a replacement. Same problem. I wrote them a letter, suggesting that this particular model lacked good design.

Without warning I find a brown box in the mail. I open it up to find a brand new Brita pitcher with the letter shown below.

This is customer service done right for several reasons:
* They actually kept track of who was complaining
* They actually did something about the problem
* They followed up month and months later
* They actually used my name and made reference to the issue (rather than some generic mumbo jumbo that means nothing).

Kudos to Brita (owned by Clorox)!

Yes, the pitcher does work!