Generic Customer Service Phone Numbers

Why do corporations post phone numbers for help that connect you to people who cannot help?

This is exactly the situation with Bank of America. I tried to deposit a check at the nearest ATM. The machine kicked the check back out and and told me my deposit attempt was cancelled. No reason was given.

I called the toll-free number posted on the ATM, specifically identified as the phone number for ATM help and problems. The people who answered the phone were not the people who knew about ATM machines. Those people were in a different group.

When I asked why my deposit attempt was cancelled, the BoA representatives went on a fishing expedition to discover if there was something weird with the check. I asked why they just didn’t look into the computer log for the ATM and see what it might say. That’s when I learned they didn’t have access to that log and that I was, in fact, talking to customer service folks who could not provide any real service with the device in question.

Big corporations apparently have enough time on their hands to devise ways to frustrate customers.