Unsound Language at Sound Credit Union

In June and July 2023 Sound Credit Union (SCU) changed the service provider that transfers money to accounts outside SCU.

One of the ways to transfer money to an account — or another person — is to use a service called “Pay Anyone”.

While it seems cool, SCU failed to provide adequate details on how the service works. This failure — or deliberate withholding of information — excludes a crucial piece of information. If the recipient of the funds chooses to receive the funds through an “instant” transfer using a debit card (essentially a reverse transaction) the recipient must pay $5.00 out of the funds!

The sender should fully be made aware of this EACH time to prevent a hassle with the recipient.

However, using Pay Anyone via SCU is unreliable. This user frequently got this error message when clicking on Pay Anyone from the menu.

Once a person can get to Pay Anyone the user can eventually bring up a page on a pending transaction. That page lacks clarity, though. The “Delete” button does not make clear what is being deleted. Is it the presentation record, the contact, or the pending transaction.

Any organization should use some common sense and do some testing before bringing a new service online.


The Bad Ethics of CHI Health

CHI Health, also known as Catholic Health Initiatives, is a part of CommonSpirit Health.

I needed to visit an emergency room and I went to a CHI emergency room. I got the diagnosis and assistance I sought. Now healthy.

I was going to pay the bill that CHI sent, but alas, CHI has refused to provide the very information is says it needs.

On each billing statment, reminder statement, and overdue statement is this simple line of text: “Include your account number on your check”.


I wrote to CHI three times asking for the account number, which is also required by my bill pay service. CHI never responded.

Instead, CHI turned that unpaid bill over to a collection agency!

I got an UNDATED letter from RMP Services LLC.

A letter to Kevin E. Lofton, CHI Health CEO in Englewood, CO was never answered.

An organization that requires a certain piece of information for payment — an account number — and then refuses to provide it when asked numerous times and then turns the person wanting to pay the bill over to a collection agency has a serious lack of ethics. This may well be a simple sign of larger problems within the organization. Beware!


Falsely Accused by Hertz Car Rental

Hertz — the car rental — company has been in the news the last several months for having people falsely arrested. You can see a few stories here:

Why Are Hertz Customers Getting Stopped–or Even Jailed–for Driving ‘Stolen’ Cars? |

Furious Customers Are Suing Hertz for $529.7 Million. Here’s the Lesson Every CEO Should Learn |

A Hertz Lawyer Just Said 6 Words the Company Should Hope Its Customers Never Hear |

Hertz Files 3,365 Stolen Car Reports Every Year on Customers Who Rented Its Cars |

At least two people have discovered that you didn’t even have to rent a car from Hertz to be falsely accused. The Colorado man in the story linked below never rented from Hertz and was never in Georgia, contrary to what Hertz swore for an arrest warrant.

Colorado man says Hertz had him arrested for stealing a car, despite never renting from the company – CBS News

The other case is my own. Hertz falsely accused me of chasing a Hertz employee with a screw driver on November 1, 2021. Click on the image below to enlarge the false accusation from Hertz.

It is, of course, shocking to open up your mail and be falsely accused.

I promptly did my own investigation of my where-abouts on November 1, 2021. Based on emails I sent, store receipts, home video surveillance footage, and Google Android Timeline, I KNOW I was nowhere near any Hertz property that day. The last time I rented a car from Hertz was about four years previous. And, I’ve never, ever, in my life, chased anyone at any time or location with a screw driver.

I engaged an attorney to let Hertz know that I would sue Mr. Ryan individually and Hertz as a corporation if they persisted in these false allegations.

Emails were exchanged between Hertz lawyer Adam Schloss and my attorney. After Mr. Schloss was told Hertz had made a mistake, Mr. Schloss still maintained I was the perpetrator:

“Perhaps your client isn’t telling you the whole story. But regardless, if your client ever threatens a Hertz employee again, damages corporate property, or comes onto Hertz property, he can explain it to law enforcement who are already well aware of the incident. 

Adam Schloss

Assistant General Counsel”

With that email was attached a photo of the perpetrator with a screw driver. The picture was taken by a Hertz employee. The picture clearly shows someone else — not me — with the screw driver. Everyone who has seen this picture immediately recognizes the person in the photo as NOT me.

My attorney also did a public disclosure request to Seattle Police Department regarding this incident. The police report clearly and confidently identifies a different person: different name, different vehicle, different license plate number.

The false accusation against me clearly illustrates complete disregard by Hertz to verify facts before zipping off an accusation. Mr. Ryan — a former police officer — apparently never bothered or concerned himself to read the police report. Mr Ryan’s sloppiness in producing an accusatory letter against me reflects a serious problem Hertz has in dealing with customers and even non-customers.

Here’s Mr. Ryan’s information from LinkedIn on February 8, 2022.

Nearly three months after Mr. Ryan’s false accusation was brought to the attention of Hertz headquarters, there has not been any acknowledgement of a mistake nor an apology.

I guess Hertz Ethics 101 is to never admit a mistake and keep being sloppy at the expense of innocent victims.


MyIR Immunization Non-Service

MyIR is an immunization record-keeping service. MyIR is owned by STChealth, formerly Scientific Technologies Corporation. Several US States have contracted with MyIR. One of them is Washington State.

In October 2021 I tried to signup with MyIR. I could not get signed up because the verification SMS never arrived. I reported this problem on October 29, 2021.

A got a response from MyIR on January 5, 2022 — 2+ months — 68 days — later. Here’s the response:


Wed, Jan 5 at 6:15 PM

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for contacting MyIR support. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Since it has been some time since your request, do you still need assistance with MyIR? Thank you for letting us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you,

MyIR Desk Support

—- On Fri, 29 Oct 2021 08:19:53 -0700 “bender” wrote —-
first_name: bruce miller
email: bruce@xxxx.ddd
feedback_state: Washington
feedback: Never got verification code via sms. I get sms messages at my number from friends.
agentName: MyIR
formName: feedback_form
platformId: 3e004353-497a-432b-b17e-6fdc23917879
lastUpdate: 2021-10-29T15:10:06

Seriously, 68 days to get a response to a trouble ticket? If this is not evidence plain as day that this is a worthless corporation, I don’t know what is.

Washington State leaders should be ashamed for entering into a business relationship with STChealth for MyIR.

Because I could never get signed up I frankly forgot about MyIR until the super-late email from support arrived. And now I will consciously not interact with an organization that puts patient health last.