Unsound Language at Sound Credit Union

In June and July 2023 Sound Credit Union (SCU) changed the service provider that transfers money to accounts outside SCU.

One of the ways to transfer money to an account — or another person — is to use a service called “Pay Anyone”.

While it seems cool, SCU failed to provide adequate details on how the service works. This failure — or deliberate withholding of information — excludes a crucial piece of information. If the recipient of the funds chooses to receive the funds through an “instant” transfer using a debit card (essentially a reverse transaction) the recipient must pay $5.00 out of the funds!

The sender should fully be made aware of this EACH time to prevent a hassle with the recipient.

However, using Pay Anyone via SCU is unreliable. This user frequently got this error message when clicking on Pay Anyone from the menu.

Once a person can get to Pay Anyone the user can eventually bring up a page on a pending transaction. That page lacks clarity, though. The “Delete” button does not make clear what is being deleted. Is it the presentation record, the contact, or the pending transaction.

Any organization should use some common sense and do some testing before bringing a new service online.