FedEx Fiction

We regular citizens have enough to deal with in daily life. Then a big corporation comes along and wastes our time with customer service fiction. FedEx is another great example. The inbound package tracking page offers this additional information to supplement the “by end of day” message:

Want to know when your package will arrive?

See your estimated delivery time wtih FedEx Delivery Manager. Sign up or Log in.

Check out the image.

Ok, so I go to sign up and discover that I’ve already signed up. However, the address needs to be changed. I change the address and then FedEx says it has to send me a verification code by US Mail that will take 3-5 days. That makes the the statement “See your estimated delivery time with FedEx delivery Delivery Manager” a fictional, misleading statement.

I called FedEx to complain about this fictional and misleading statement. The rep and supervisor both said the estimated delivery time was between 8am and 8pm. Hmm, that is no different than saying by end of day. So what is the point of a Delivery Manager that is supposed to give you a closer estimated time before end of day?

To answer that question, the phone support people said that because the delivery is by Ground, there is no “estimated delivery time.” Then why put a message on the tracking page saying I can get an “estimated delivery time” for a Ground shipment that does qualify for estimated delivery time?

Big corporations with big bucks are frequently short on brain power when it comes to common sense customer service. This FedEx situation is just another example of poor thinking.