Creating ID file for WA ESD

Suggestions for Creating ID file to upload to WA ESD.

How you create a file depends largely on the equipment you have access to.

Here are two methods.

Regardless of the method used, create a file that includes the following:

  • Name and claim # at the top. This clearly ties your ID to a specific ESD claim. No confusion for ESD workers. Also, if the file gets disassociated with the claim, the ID at the top of the file shows which claim the file belongs to. (LeVine has indirectly admitted in news conference 2020-06-11 that some ID uploads have been lost. In answering Linzi Sheldon’s question about applicants being asked to upload ID over and over again, LeVine said: “There are some people where some of their information has changed and where we do actually need that information again. So, we are rapidly working to resolve this and will have more information and instructions for them, hopefully by later today that we release.” Where the ID information changes? Not likely. Working to resolve this probably means a software defect that is losing uploaded documents.)
  • Write date the file created and date submitted below name and claim # (this helps you know when you did both)
  • Then show the IDs, one on top of the other.

Here are two ways to create the file described above.

Using only phone

  • Get a piece of paper and clearly print your name and claim # on it.
  • Lay out on a table with ID stacked below.
  • Take a picture of it all, getting as close as possible for best clarity
  • This produces a single image file for upload.

Scanner and word processing program

  • Scan each image. If two fit into one scan, fine.
  • Open Word or OpenOffice Write
  • At top, type name and claim #, date created, date submitted
  • Insert images into the document, allowing for largest image possible
  • Save entire file as a PDF, which can be uploaded.