Wrong Phone Number to Police

King County Metro Transit (which serves Seattle) has its own police force. The police force is a part of the King County Sheriff’s office. On the buses are signs encouraging decent behavior. But, if bad behavior arises, Metro Transit has provided contact information to law enforcement. See below the portion of the sign with this contact information.

The number showing for Metro Transit Police is wrong. It is NOT 206 553 3000. The listed number is the main number to Metro customer service. There is no option in the customer service menu system for police. And, the number is not answered 1) between 8pm and 6am, 2) weekends, 3) holidays. Listen to the audio below. (Recorded 2019-12-15-closed; 2019-12-16-open .)

Metro’s announcement message when closed. NO mention of police.
Metro’s announcement message when open. NO mention of police.

Metro has not forgotten about Spanish speakers. The same wrong number to the police appears in Spanish. “o llame a metro transit police al” translates to 206 553 3000″or call metro transit police at 206 553 3000″.

King County Transit Shows Wrong Number to Police

What is the right seven-digit number? According to the Metro Transit Police web page it is 206 296 3311 (in image below). Chief of Metro Police Major Dave Jutilla on 2019-11-14 said in an email “206.296.3311 goes into the dispatch center for the KC Sheriff’s Office & and Metro Transit Police. 911 should be used for serious in-progress crimes.” The chief did not mention 206 553 3000 in his email.

Clearly the Metro Transit Police know the correct phone number.

Telling customers to call the wrong number for police help will absolutely delay help and could potentially put people’s lives in danger. Imagine calling for the police and listening through a menu system that has no option for the police. Imagine calling for the police when no one answers the phone during closed hours.

Placing the wrong number to police on hundreds of buses is not very smart and certainly not customer-friendly. I would call this a serious management failure.


2020-02-04: Yes indeed, King County Metro Transit is still pushing the wrong phone number to Transit Police. Saw the same numbers on posters (English and Spanish) in coach 2649 tonight.

2020-02-13: King County Metro Transit is still displaying the wrong phone number to Transit Police. Saw the same wrong numbers on posters in coach 2634 today. Twice.