ShuttleExpress in Seattle Not Reliable

We no longer trust ShuttleExpress in Seattle to get us to the airport. Here’s why:

I made a reservation with private car (at double the expense) for a more precise pickup time: 415am. I called ShuttleExpress offices at least 24 hours in advance and confirmed the 415am pickup. The female representative assured me 415am was the pickup time. We received an email confirming the 415am pickup time.

The driver showed up at 330am — 45 minutes early! No warning!

The passenger, my housemate, was still dealing with the animals and other chores to prepare the house for departure. The driver showing up 45 minutes early put the passenger into a panic dealing with animals and other chores to secure the house.

I called the ShuttleExpress number at 425 981 7000 440am Pacific Time to complain and ask for a refund. The guy on the phone kept saying the computer showed 345am. Who cares what the computer says? It is wrong. I made the reservation. I called to confirm and was told 415am. We have an email confirming 415am pickup.

The bottom line is this:
— ShuttleExpress is not reliable

— ShuttleExpress people apparently lie

— ShuttleExpress did not conform to the agreed pickup time

When ShuttleExpress ignores the scheduled and time confirmed in their own email how can anyone have confidence and trust ShuttleExpress? We can’t.