Not So Sound Reasoning

Frustrations with financial institutions never seem to end. Some of this frustration is from sloppy product development. Take the image above from Sound Credit Union in the Seattle and Tacoma area. Note that there are two different requirements for the PIN. The first set in black is for first-time or recurring users — what people normally see. The set in red is an error message when the wrong requirements are put in. The second set does not even make sense by itself. A digit is a number (in computer land). So does the second set mean there should be four or five characters? (Five characters: four digits + one letter.)

This kind of inconsistency — nearly contradictory — drives consumers crazy with frustration. Sloppy product development creates costs for any organization through frustrated consumers who either take business elsewhere or call for support. Call center staff should not be burdened down with what is simply poor editorial control within product development.