Another Bank Security Lapse: USAA

Financial institutions are putting on so much security when you call in that you sometimes wonder if it is worth it. Perhaps this is a way for the banks to discourage human interaction, allowing them to reduce staffing costs.

Nevertheless, I get tired of being bombarded with questions galore to substantiate my identity. Yes, good that they are being careful. Horrible that we customers must endure this.

Given the amount of aggravation we customers must go through (not to mention the frustrating voice menu systems), you’d think a financial institution such as USAA could one of the most basic security measures when sending a replacement debit card. This basic action is to seal the envelope. Yes, I received my USAA debit card in an unsealed Priorty Mail Express envelope that was unsealed and open. I’m lucky someone didn’t pull the contents out. I’m lucky the card did not fall out of the open flap.

One would think that if you are going to send Priorty Mail Express that you would seal the envelope. Really, it takes about 2 seconds to do this.