CenturyLink Confused About Current Year

Everytime an email that does not make sense arrives from a corporation the readers are further trained to ignore emails. Here’s yet another example.

Arriving on August 13, 2018 was an email from CenturyLink with this first paragraph:

Since 2009, as part of its National Broadband plan, the Federal Communications Commission has had a project to test broadband performance, managed by an independent contractor, SamKnows Ltd. The FCC is continuing this test for 2017. The FCC is looking for additional volunteers who will agree to allow a testing device to be attached to the broadband connection in their homes.

How long would it take for someone competent in CenturyLink to actually review the email before it is sent? One would think that a large organization such as CenturyLink could afford a few bucks to have someone proof read before sending. The sad state of affairs in big corporations is that they really do not care. I called CentryLink twice to find out who is responsible for this email. As exepcted, none of the three people I talked with had a clue.

Another stupid email, another training event to ignore emails.