Senior Strain from Humana

You’d think that an organization that has seniors as a major audience would pay more attention to senior UX (User Experience) on it’s website This website is used by Humana customers to order prescriptions and to order Over-the-Counter (OTC) products.

Here are two examples of UX problems.

Missing Images

The first problem is on the OTC home page. There are no images to illustrate the major product categories. Instead, each image location shows a message “SORRY, IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE.” This image absence has been this way for at least two years. Is the page in development or is there a technical problem? Whatever it is, two years is long enough fix the problem. (And the problem should be fixable in 2-3 hours!) The long duration of of missing images reflects how little Humana actually cares about it’s customers.


Additionally, many, many seniors are not computer savvy. Consequently, they may wrongly conclude the lack of images is from some action or inaction at their end.  This is a great way to add to frustration and stress to a population that already has problems beause they did not grow up in the digital age.

Broken Sort

Further confusing seniors is a broken sort feature.

Note that on the first page of the Personal Care category the sort is set by default to Price Low to High. The first item is $7.00. Therefore, all items after that in the Personal Care category should be more.


That, however, is not true. On the second page we find the first item on the next page to be less than the first item on the previous page. Bad programming applies the sort order to only the current page. Essentially, the “Sort by” feature is worthless and at best will confuse seniors.


Industry standard is to apply a price ranking to the entire category, not just to the current page.

Adding to the frustration of the above, there is no clear way to report website problems to Humana. No form. No email address. The only phone number goes to customer service, which is not capable of dealing with technical issues.