Lowe’s hardware not honoring replacement plan

Lowe’s refusal to honor replacement plan on merchandise, even though original store paperwork presented.

I spent nearly an hour in a Lowe’s store and more hours on the phone in an attempt to get Lowe’s to honor the Replacement Plan we purchased for the dehumidifier we purchased at the same time. The device has malfunctioned. No one in Lowe’s could find record of the replacement plan purchase even though I presented the original paperwork provided by Lowe’s at time of purchase/pickup. See image with this post. This led to the staff calling someone and yet more inability to find the replacement plan purchase in the Lowe’s system.

Lowe’s claims it needs the reference number for the replacement plan. If that is true, then why didn’t Lowe’s put the replacement plan number on the paperwork? On the line item for the replacement plan is this word: “Reference #:”. Why didn’t Lowe’s put the number on their own paperwork? Demand it, but not provide it, is a scam recipe.

As far as I’m concerned at this moment, Lowe’s is refusing to honor the plan even though Lowe’s was provided its own original paperwork by throwing up some mysterious roadblock of not being able to find a record of the purchase even though the store’s original paperwork was presented.

Bottom line: We did not buy the replacement plan to:
a) be swindled
b) waste a huge amount of time over some mysterious inability to find a purchase in the store’s own system.

One would think a store manager would err on the side of customer service and make things happen — when presented with actual, original evidence from the store itself. Instead, Lowe’s has created a system to constructively refuse to honor a purchase by creating a huge hassle for the customer, in part withholding at time of purchase information later required.