CenturyLink rivals Comcast for Bad Support

I helped an attorney set up VoIP phone service in Seattle and Pacific Beach. As a part of this setup, I recommended CenturyLink DSL in Pacific Beach because of the lag time on satellite internet connections.

The customer decided to upgrade from DSL to bonded DSL (which is essentially two DSL lines working as one for more bandwidth).

The attorney scheduled an appointment for Oct 9, 2027 to upgrade his DSL service to bonded DSL. The appointment was set up by a support person in Wisconsin. CenturyLink did not show up for the appointment. There was no notice that CL would not show up. The attorney (on staff at a separate employer) lost basically a day of paid work waiting for CL.

The attorney’s attempts to move things along have produced nothing, eg:

— Emails to the original person in Wisconsin. That person responded twice by email saying he was too busy and now no emails or phone calls from this support person.

— Two phone messages left for the local technician. No response.

— I suggested he try calling a contact I had in Salt Lake City. That contact told the attorney that he (support person) was not in the legacy department but would try to get someone to get in touch with the attorney.¬†Despite all this, the attorney has not gotten any response from anyone.

I have real qualms bringing customers to a company when customers are treated this way

Ignoring a customer like this is pathetic, to the say the least. This kind of treatment reinforces the underlying perception that if corporations have your money, there is no problem, whether or not there is support or service. For a time I thought CenturyLink was getting their act together, in part because of the new fiber service, which I have and like — 1 gig synchronous.¬† However, treating a customer like they are treating the attorney is simply appalling and rivals the worst support I have had with Comcast.


Update: 2017-10-27

According to CenturyLink, the appointment for bonded DSL was removed upstream from the local technician’s appointments. Apparently VDSL is being rolled out to replace DSL and bonded DSL. (When? CenturyLink doesn’t know.) Unfortunately, NO ONE in CenturyLink ever thought to let the customer know what was going on, allowing him to waste time waiting for a no-show appointment and communicating with CenturyLink without response. (The response came from someone other than the customer writing a lot of emails to CenturyLink.) One might think a communications company would know how to communicate. Guess not.