Fake Support from CenturyLink

CenturyLink Prism IPW8000
CenturyLink Prism IPW8000

The problem with big corporations is that they have no clue about how clueless they are.

I called about an issue relating to the ethernet connection to the Prism TV set top box. Ultimately, the CenturyLink Prism TV tech support person told me that none of the three set top boxes in service at our place had ethernet ports.

This illustrated the general problem with big corporations. They are so wanting to save money on support that they will hire folks with no knowledge of their products and apparently don’t even give them any training. Sit down and read this script.

The bottom line for the customer is the understanding that the customer does not come first. Reduced operating costs come first to serve the stock holders. In the long run, this strategy is a great way to denegrate the brand. But then if you are big, who cares about reputation — as long as we get the monthly payment?