Google Fi Not Reliable With 911

On May 17, 2017 between 2:00am and 2:40am I was driving to the store. Lucky for me that I was awake, because a drunk driver going the opposite direction came into my lane. I had to make an abrupt swerve to the right to avoid a head-on collision.

Not appreciating this potential bodily harm, I did a U turn and followed the person onto Interstate 5. Next, I dialed 911 on my Google Fi phone.

The connection was made and south eight miles later Washington State Patrol pulled the driver over and arrested the person.

xxx was the driver’s name. Because this person had a previous conviction for DUI, he was booked into jail. And he stayed there for about five days until he bailed out.

Wanting to get more precise timing of this incident, I looked at the call history on my Google Fi phone. The 911 call was not there. Later that day (May 17, 2017) I called Google Fi asking for the time of the 911 call. I provided the date and the approximate time.

As I type it is nearly two months later and Google has yet to provide the time of the 911 call. About a month later a Google representative asked via email for the approximate dates of the calls. Plural? Somehow Google morphed the request for a single time on a single date on a single call into multiple calls.

Then, on about July 10, 2017, a supervisor asked for the approximate date and time of the call.

If Google had it’s act together, they would not be morphing the request into something beyond what I requested and they would not be asking for the information I provided on the very first support phone call.

The  bottom line here:

You can’t trust Google to log a 911 call into the call history where it should be

You cannot depend on Google support to adequately keep track of simple details (date and approximate time)  in a request.