911 Logs on Google Fi Phone Don’t Exist

A few weeks ago a drunk driver nearly hit me head on. I called 911 on my Fi phone and tracked the driver for 9 miles until state patrol finally busted him. Second arrest after a previous conviction. 5 days in jail. That was good.

In order to help document what happened when (possibly for court) , I wanted to know when I dialed 911.

Guess what? Not in the call log or history on the Fi phone.

Guess what? Google Fi support has been playing games with me, first telling me they don’t have any record of 911 calls.

We all know this is nonsense. Google, the great data collector does not have this? Hard to believe.

So, the trouble ticket I’ve had open for 2-3 weeks finally reported this:

I [google rep] have good news! We have a team of Engineers requesting specific dates of your request for your 911 call logs (From / To).

What’s wrong with this?

1. I didn’t request the dates I made calls to 911. I provided the date and wanted to know the time.

2. This is as far as they got in 2-3 weeks with this request?

3. When did anyone every get a call from 911?

My recommendation based on this experience: if you need to dial 911 and may need to go back for the time, forget about Google. Simply not trustworthy.