No Pizza From DomiNO’s

When hunger strikes getting online and ordering a pizza sometimes makes sense.

We found a good coupon on Domino’s that we wanted. But at checkout we kept getting charged $8.99 instead of $7.99.

We would have called Domino’s corporate offices, but they were closed.

We thought calling the store would get us past the roadblock. We ended up having an argument with the store personnel because they 1) didn’t have access to the website and 2) they didn’t have authority to honor the coupon price.

This experience brings up an important issue: How should local stores of a huge brand handle corporate mistakes? In my recent experience with 7-11 and now with Domino’s they don’t handle corporate mistakes well at all. Frequently local stores are left in the dark about 1) what corporate is doing and 2) don’t have any training on what to do when issues arise.

As for the pizza, we ordered from a local brand because the DominNO’s just didn’t seem right for out taste buds after the hassle.