How to Aggravate New Customers: The CenturyLink Experience

There’s nothing like wasting a huge amount of time on an organization that can’t orchestrate it’s information to create happy, new customers. Current case in point: CenturyLink.

As I type, at this URL
there is an instructional video on “Setting up your Prism Wireless Set-Top Box (STB)” .At 4:30 into the video are two ways to contact customer support:


or chat:


Do they work? No.

I called 866-314-4148 three times; pressed 3 for video each time. Each time I ended up in residential phone support that knew nothing about PrismTV.

The URL goes to a non-existent page.

Being that CenturyLink is rolling out the new TV service, one would think that keeping new-customer-aggravation would be a benefit.