Sam’s Club Gets an F for the Photo Services Problem

Sometime in July 2015 the photo services company PNI Media, owned by Staples, reported a potential security breach.

Since then, numerous consumer sites have disabled access to PNI Media. These sites include and

The problem is apparently not the result of anything the consumer sites did or didn’t do.

However, the lack of response by gives the company a big F for its response, especially to its members.

Weeks later the “Photo” item on drop down menu links to a 404 page on PNI Media’s site.

The local Sams Club store does not have any information available, either, unless you ask the right person.

Wouldn’t it make sense for Sams Club to at least do the following?

a) Link Photo on the menu to an explanation page and provide information on how to get pictures printed

b) Create a hand-out sheet for the Photo center in the store for customers with the same information? at least has linked the menu item to an explanatory page with options.

UPDATE:¬†After Sam’s Club saw this post, the Photo item in the menu was linked to an explanation page.