Acknowledge Customer Interest

If you come to me wanting to buy an apple and I present an orange without even acknowledging your interest in an apple, you will likely become annoyed and even wonder about my state of mind. Or my ability to be a vendor. Or my ability to hear your needs.

This was my experience today when I went to the CenturyLink website seeking information about the Prism TV service.

On the Prism TV overview page there was a button for “See What’s Available in Your Area”.

I clicked on the button, put in the address, and got a result page that had NO mention of Prism TV. Immediately, CenturyLink ignored my interest. Is it available or not? Or is the search function really working?

Who likes to to do business with a place that ignores your interests?

If the service is not available, the result page should have some sort of statement saying so — to acknowledge the customer’s interest. At least say “We are sorry, PrismTV is not yet available in your area. You might want to consider these alternatives.”

Additionally, CL is missing a follow-up marketing opportunity. In combination with a “We are sorry . . . .” message, offer to take an email address so the potential customer can be notified when it is available.

Getting clear answers is a better way to build trust in a brand than simply ignoring the point of interest and shifting to a different topic (ie, DirecTV).