The Yahoo Model of CustomerNONservice

You know you have true customerNONservice when you are paying for multiple services from the same company and it is impossible to reach anyone about problems. This is the case with Yahoo as I type.

My paid email account (associated with a small business account) is barely working.

I called the support number. I was advised by recording to get an incident number. I did that and continued to hold. After 30 minutes on hold, Yahoo disconnected my call.

I called in again and was disconnected again.

I called in a third time and was disconnected again.

One of recorded message I did hear while on hold was to go to this page to send a message:
I went to that page and guess what? No help. No form. No way to send email. Instead, I got this:

Yahoo Will be right back…
Thank you for your patience.
Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.

I called the Yahoo corporate number 408-349-3301 and pressed zero for the receptionist. I explained that I had tried three previous times to reach someone. All she did was put me back into the same waiting line. And after being on hold, dropped again.

Yahoo’s customerNONservice really shouldn’t surprise me. I have mailed three letters to Marissa Mayer about problems in the past. No response of any kind from anyone at Yahoo to any of the three letters.

Put all these experiences together and what do you have: a company that consistently sends a strong message that it does not care about paying customers.