Retail Email

Illiterate Customer Service Reflects Badly on the Product

I recently received a promotional email from T-mobile telling me about the great deal was giving to T-Mobile customers: unlimited streaming through the T-mobile network for $4/month without affecting my monthly data allocation.

I decided to check it out on my T-mobile enabled tablet. The streaming was fine. Then I wanted to add my own URLs for private streams I already had off my own personal audio server.

I could not find a way to add a private stream.  So, in desperation, I wrote to Rhapsody customer service asking if there was a way to add my own URL streams. The response:

“Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it to our product teams. Our development team will work research on this and will do the needful available in future. ”

What’s the problem with this response?

1. It is illiterate — check out the third sentence.

2. The response does not directly answer my question.

This kind of communication tells me a lot about Rhapsody:

a. The corporation does not have much regard to potential paying customers

b. The corporation does not have much regard for its own product

Further, I am familiar with the Rhapsody headquarters in Seattle. HQ is located on floor 31 of the Columbia Center.  Rent at this location is not cheap. I can easily see that money for HQ is more important than money for the people who actually deal with customers. So, I add another item:

c. The corporation puts customer service  — and happy customers —  at a low, low priority.

I decided to pass on the offer.